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•The American Forties

•Ancient Fables about Birds

•Ancient Greece as a Colonial Power

•Analysis of a Poem by Theognis of Megara

•Dialogue on the Nature of Space-Time

•The Birth of History in Greece

•Society, Culture and Three Short Stories


07-02-02 The American Forties: In the 40's they wore hats so nice that you couldn't see one without wanting it for your own. (David Arkin)

07-01-02 Ancient Fables about Birds: Hesiod and Aesop tell stories which are superficially similar but illustrate morals with diametrically opposite meanings. Both concern a bird of prey tormenting a seemingly helpless victim, but their endings reveal a fundamental difference in philosophy of the respective tellers. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-24-02 Ancient Greece as a Colonial Power: The massive colonization of the 8th and 7th centuries was spurred by excess population and land hunger, as well as political changes in Greece. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-17-02 Analysis of a Poem by Theognis of Megara: This elegy of Theognis provides information about the social situation of Megara during the 500's. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-11-02 Dialogue on the Nature of Space-Time: This is especially true in the space-cheese theory of time, in which the future is also cheesy. Time travel consists merely of one space-time cheese broth... (Lance Redcloud)

06-10-02 The Birth of History in Greece: Greek history began some time around 750, when the Greeks adapted the Phoenician alphabet to their own language, adding vowels and transforming some sounds. (Professor David Keaton)

06-04-02 Society, Culture and Three Short Stories: It has always been the author's place to criticize the society in which he or she lives. The short story, with its traditional focus on a single idea, seems a perfect vehicle for such criticism. (Veronica Lake Hue)

06-03-02 The Emergence of the Greek Polis: There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the question of why Greek communities became poleis. Some historians and political analysts found it inevitable. Aristotle, in fact, claimed that the polis was the natural situation for mankind. (Professor David Keaton)

05-27-02 The Concept of Time as the Fourth Dimension: Mathematics exists to simplify concepts to the point where they can be dealt with and manipulated. (Lance Redcloud)

05-20-02 The Enormous Radio: One of the tricks writers sometimes use to examine their society in a story is to introduce an element which does not belong in their characters' world to show how they react to it. (Veronica Lake Hue)

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