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Contributing Writer: Veronica Lake Hue

Veronica Lake Hue is an English professor and freelance writer/editor whose current projects include a poetry anthology, due for publication next year, and a more long-term project, her first novel. She is one of the co-founders of Athis, a Massachusetts-based literary magazine. She currently resides in Avington, Massachusetts with "Snooky" and her two cats. She speaks fluent French.

Doctorate: English, McGill University, 1996
B.A.: English Literature and Letters, cum laude, Smith College, 1992

Selected Published Works

Short fiction and poetry: Published in several magazines including Issues, Womyn's Review, Matins d'Amores, Athis, violets, and Spider

Editing: Co-editor of Floodgates: Contemporary Feminist Poetry, and editor of Sadistic Saphistry: Lesbian S/M Stories. Editor-in-chief of Athis literary magazine from 1999-2001.

Articles on World History Archive

06-04-02 Society, Culture and Three Short Stories: It has always been the author's place to criticize the society in which he or she lives. The short story, with its traditional focus on a single idea, seems a perfect vehicle for such criticism.

05-20-02 The Enormous Radio: One of the tricks writers sometimes use to examine their society in a story is to introduce an element which does not belong in their characters' world to show how they react to it.

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