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•The American Forties

•Ancient Fables about Birds

•Ancient Greece as a Colonial Power

•Analysis of a Poem by Theognis of Megara

•Dialogue on the Nature of Space-Time

•The Birth of History in Greece

•Society, Culture and Three Short Stories

World History Archive

The World History Archive is a billiards club full of smokers. It is the glistening of wet pavement in the rain. The first mewling cry of a little baby and the death rattle of an expiring rear-admiral are the World History Archive. Simply put, we are history.

Latest Articles

07-02-02 The American Forties: In the 40's they wore hats so nice that you couldn't see one without wanting it for your own. (David Arkin)

07-01-02 Ancient Fables about Birds: Hesiod and Aesop tell stories which are superficially similar but illustrate morals with diametrically opposite meanings. Both concern a bird of prey tormenting a seemingly helpless victim, but their endings reveal a fundamental difference in philosophy of the respective tellers. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-24-02 Ancient Greece as a Colonial Power: The massive colonization of the 8th and 7th centuries was spurred by excess population and land hunger, as well as political changes in Greece. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-17-02 Analysis of a Poem by Theognis of Megara: This elegy of Theognis provides information about the social situation of Megara during the 500's. (Prof. David Keaton)

06-11-02 Dialogue on the Nature of Space-Time: This is especially true in the space-cheese theory of time, in which the future is also cheesy. Time travel consists merely of one space-time cheese broth... (Lance Redcloud)


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